Zombie Ambush - Pt.1 is a level created by DJ_Thanos. It is the first level is in the Zombie Ambush series and has over 3.000 plays with 2.73 weighted rating from 1 vote... Wheelchair Guy is the forced character.


The level starts with Segway Guy sceaming making a run on his segway, with a tent next to him (where you are located). Wheelchair Guy is woken up from this and a cloud pop-up appears saying "wtf?". Then Wheelchair Guy gets out of the tent to investigate. You find some building, where you get in by riding up the stairs. After climbing up a second set of stairs, there is a door with a zombie right behind it. You bust open the door, launching the zombie behind and ripping its lower leg off. After passing it, you meet another zombie, but next to you already is a mine detonator. You press it, exploding the mine and sending the zombie's body parts flying. Then, you jump off the window, making it to a building across, there a blade weapon is launched at you (but unlikely to hit you). Then you have to slow down very much, eject from your wheelchair as you fall, landing on a trampoline where a rescue team has arrived, winning the level.


  • Falling between the building gap or failing to land on the trampoline, a screen will pop up with a zombie face. You have to restart the level if you want to win.
  • Next to the rescue van is a guy with a black suit and a red tie. He actually is Agent 47 from the Hitman series.
  • Right after entering the building is a zombie hanging from the roof. If you jump that fast where you reach it, you will blow its head.

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