World of PeculiarFIX

World of Peculiar (Victory)

'World of PeculiarFIX' is a shorter, but somewhat difficult, detailed level by TheRealThing76 Aka 'TheRealThing_76' that was published on July 3, 2015. This level was originally published the day before, but was taken down and a 'skip' feature was added during the storyline at the start.

Current Play Count: 22,850

Current Rating: 4.35 (4.19 Weighted) with 105 votes

Level Description

> Ride with your son in an abandoned city, with Peculiar actions occurring < [Medium Difficulty]

Author's Comments: Hello everyone! Welcome to my new level. I spent around 6 days on this level, working on it around 4 hours a day. I hope my hard works pays off! Special Thanks to Tyerex for the awesome character (begining) LOL *beginning*

Level Obstacles

- Blade Weapon(s)

- Harpoon Gun

- Land Mine(s)

- Meteor

Play the Level [Here!]


World of Peculiar (Early Shot)
World of Peculiar (Obstacle Shot)

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