Vsp Rev 1

The affair is discovered.

Vespa's Revenge is a level by bobisdacool1. It currently has over 320,000 plays and a rating of 4.66 out of over 500 votes. It is an escape level.


A screen appears saying "Previously..." and then fades to show a scene in which Segway Guy, on his back, pleads with Vespa to come back to him. She comes back to him, and a bar saying "Censored" appears over the two of them. The screen then fades to one saying "Today", which then fades to show the playable character in a city scene. You go down a hill and see a larger Vespa sitting behind you, and she starts growling. You try to calm her, but it's no use - she's discovered your affair with Segway. You let out a scream and you must hightail it out of there before Vespa runs you over. You pass by a few more buildings, then go down into a subway, and finally come to an airport. You catch a ride on an airplane, which takes you to the victory screen. A distraught Vespa appears, shedding a tear and crying "Noooo!!!", at which point a message comes up asking you to rate for part 2.


  • This level was inspired by a video made by Pewdiepie in which he fails at riding the vespa in the level Vespa Mad Run by meztruo. In the video, Vespa drives away from him off screen, and then after a second drifts back to Segway Guy. Pewdiepie considers this as Vespa's forgiveness and way of making love. In subsequent episodes, Pewdiepie calls the Segway "Vespa", which spawned the idea that Segway Guy was cheating on her.
  •  This level was bobisdacool1's first popular level.
  •  This level has more plays than the original level it was inspired by, Vespa Mad Run.
  •  There is a sequel to this level, Vespa's Revenge 2.


Vispa following segway guy in the subway.


Segway guy flying in the plane leaving Vespa behind

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