Hello there, so i was playing happy wheels couple of days ago i was working on a level and when i tried to publish it, it said 1 level per day, when i checked my account there was a real naked girl glitch something like that, before that my another account called How To Make was hacked by some team called an1s blablabla, i made a car level, they spammed it everyday and it was on the rating everyday, they change the password of the account, so now i can't login into it, and maybe they still upload the YouTuber's Car level, It's not very good and detailed tho, so when i tried to delete the real naked girl level from my Zohaib Azhar account it was saying level deleted successfully but it won't remove from the public list nor from my own level list (dunno whats the problem) then i uploaded Troll level ( not so good), it got great plays count and ratings, then i uploaded Obstacle Course EPIC ( it was not bad ), got great views and ratings, then i uploaded a 3D obstacle course demo ( not good ) got no good rating nor plays count, then today i wanted to upload nothing, suddenly when ghais told me that there is a level from my account in which a car is used from another author, i checked the level and it was a shit, and it was 3rd time when the hackers attacked me, then i just made an account called ZohaibAzhar9, I backup'ed every important thing from that account to this one, and tried to delete the levels, tho it stills doesn't remove, but if they tomorrow upload a level i will try to remove it, For now i am working on a Happy Wheels Ship detailed level, god knows what happens next, just wanted to let u know that Zohaib Azhar account is not mine anymore, ZohaibAzhar9 is mine so don't believe in anything Zohaib Azhar(Hackers) uploads, so sorry to all of you guys and especially to those who they used XML and didn't gave them credits, that's all for now.

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