• I live in America
  • My occupation is Creating vehicles and short levels which may actually never get published
  • Tjbravo6

    Minor Update

    October 15, 2015 by Tjbravo6

    I am currently working on a level which I assume is half way done. I'm doing the endscreen/death screen, then I need to add a few more things for gameplay and art. Sadly progress on all of my levels is likely to be pretty slow as I am very busy with school, weekdays and weekends. Anyways here's what I have so far for the death screen.

    If you can guess what this is, I wouldn't know what to say. 

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  • Tjbravo6


    August 9, 2015 by Tjbravo6

    So as everyone on this wiki (probably) knows I take a VERY long time making levels (I'm extremely lazy on art and I'm a procrastinator). So I'm wondering if I should make demoes or previews of stuff I've done. These would really just show off a mech or something I've made for a possible level or if I just want to show off a concept I came across (Like Ghais's Pixel Hobo Test). As of now I have about five mechs which I can show off (I will hide some mechs if I decide to make these levels).

    Please tell me what you think about me making these type of levels in the comments.

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  • Tjbravo6

    Just progress and art of  "The Hunter", a shooting level inspired by Mysterypancake1's "Shooting Range" level which hasn't been completed yet. In my version you will be able to aim up,down,left and right with the corresponding arrow keys. There's probably some random art as well. Feel free to suggest some animals that should appear in the level,these animals will probably be killed though unless you have some other less violent idea.

    More stuff from the level. Mostly done with the basic art, now I just need to add the gameplay and the art related to that stuff.

    Tried to make something for the start of the level,I need to add my name somewhere.

    Finally got around to working on the level.

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