These are the people I hate A LOT!

  • The 0-raters- These are the people who rate 0 stars to VERY levels because they want THERE level to be top of the rating page (Review: Them guys are dumb)
  • The Fake-glitches- You all know why... -_- (Review: They need a life)
  • Slammers!- They slam (Doing it over & over) there level A LOT Sometimes from XMLs like "Happy Park" (Review: There annoying)
  • Drunk XML None-Crediters- They Don't give credit to people on the XMLs (Review: They need more 0 stars than a Ball Throw)
  • Noodies- They make minigames that a noob makes! (Ball Throw, Glass Break,Sword Throw,etc) and about to turn new stuff to noob stuff like "Troll Level" (Maybe It's my fault for the Troll Level one,Sorry!)
  • Stopper failer- They waste their "ONE" publish limit to just make a level saying "STOP THIS!!!" or something else, Nobody want to play a level with ONLY words, Maybe keep to yourself... (Review: nobody wants to know what your thinking)

So comment if you want! Please tell me if you hate these people to!

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