TheRealThing 76

aka TheRealThing_76

  • I live in US
  • I was born on June 5
  • My occupation is Happy Wheels / Game / YouTube
  • TheRealThing 76

    It's around a 33-second skit that takes place in a falling company of some sort in New York City. Let's just say that the main character, Jack, was not pleased when his boss told him the word "Fired." 

    I actually sat down and made this level the whole day, back on Monday, which took me around 11 hours to make, but was all worth it. I hope you guys like it! :)

    [Level Here]

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  • TheRealThing 76

    The Destructo Car

    December 24, 2014 by TheRealThing 76

    Hey guys, RealThing here, I have finished my model of "The Destructo Car", that level should be up sometime early in the day tomorrow. I cant wait for all you guys to see it! :) 

    Also, does anyone know why I keep seeing levels in "Play Count this week" that go from a rating from 4.6 stars to 2.5 stars with 200 votes added in the blink of an eye? Is it some sort of admin vote thing? Or is it just me? lol

    Thanks for listening!

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  • TheRealThing 76

    Major Levels Coming

    December 23, 2014 by TheRealThing 76

    Hey guys, its so good to be back. I have been working on a big level for around 3 months later thats expected to be out by Christmas Day. I still got some ways to go, but should be ready by then! Wow, it has been so tough! My biggest wish this Christmas is to get this coming level featured.

    I've also get working on this super-destroyer car, that can destroy nearly anything. That level may be uploaded tomorrow or Christmas eve, depending apon how far I get tonight. 

    Lastly, I have started to work on a level with AI, a pogo vs segway race (inspired by IAmVeryBored). I have tested how the segway guy runs on his own, bit is a bit messy. I will try my best to fix that. Well, thanks for listening and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

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  • TheRealThing 76

    World of Worlds

    October 18, 2014 by TheRealThing 76

    Hello everybody, I have a new level I've been working on, for three weeks. It will be called World of Worlds. It is an adventure level were you go into different lands with blades trying to harm and isolated big beams falling down everywhere! 

    Pros - Easy/Medium

    Good Players - Medium/Hard

    Novice - Hard/Insane

    First-Time Begginers - 99% Impossible

    1. Park of Dead
    2. Blades of Misery
    3. Neon World
    4. Peaceful Falls

    It will be posted anywhere between midnight today (Oct 18) and noon (Oct 18). I hope you guys enjoy it! I gave it all I got!


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  • TheRealThing 76
    1. Clone Zone - IamVeryBored
    2. The Time Lab - bobisdacool1
    3. City Rescue - GHAIS
    4. JERKFACE - farlaineloco
    5. ESCAPE SCHOOL! - LWPeterson
    6. An Unknown Island - Blue Bull
    7. Ice Shores - Not A Number
    8. DARK FOREST - Not A Number
    9. Green Forest - Not A Number
    10. SpeedStunt Hills - IamVeryBored
    11. Chopper Fun Run Pro - IamReallyHappy
    12. Ultimate BMX v1 - FutureBusMan
    13. VIRUS (Pro) - TheRealThing_76
    14. BMX_Park - Siaba
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