Just Look me right in my big, blue eyes, and tell me that this is not freaking awesome. You can't! because it is!!

with a little help of larry's grid, I made this awesome monster truck, Thanks again!

for sure i'll make a parcour! It really feels great to drive in it, even in a 2d game.

This is the first good vehicle that I ever made O.O

Yes... This is gonna be great! One thing... I don't know how to name this upcoming level!

Should it drive in and around something like a monster jam arena, or should it bring madness outside on the street?

suggestions are welcome!

And Something else too... I'm planning to make another level about the whole Coke thing, and this is YOUR chance to see your name in my level!

because this one will be about sharing the coke with -(your) name-. So if you want your name in there, just leave a comment! it may be your real name too if you want!


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