So,, as you may have noticed, lately i have been randomly starting projects, and cancel other ones.

well guess what? I'm doing it again XD

JK i'm not cancelling anything. yet.

So, This one's called "The wasteland"

it has got the Black-ish foreground art style, like in the android games "Limbo" or "Badland"

it's going to be a role playing level.

The player lives with his father in the wasteland, wich is ruled by monsters. the rulers of the wasteland don't know any mercy for those who do not obey them. and your father on the other hand, has never been there to do the slave work for the monsters. so the monsters are going to kill him. and you of course, want to protect your father. but he sends you to get the weapon that is hidden in a cave that your father has always forbidden you to go there. once you go there, you will find a sword in a pedestal. but it's actually a switch, wich opens a door to an underground cavern.

in here, you'll find this message:

Dear <character>

when you read this, i am probably already dead.

I have been digging this safe place for you. the rulers of the wasteland don't know mercy for us slaves.

i am sacrificing myself for you. you need to survive!

i don't know what the monsters are up too. i also don't know how long this place will be safe for you.

when they find you, it's over. 


Oh, and watch out though, not all the places in this cavern are safe.

This level will be hard. because i want the player to meet the monsters XD

and also, the monsters are not the only obstacles.

there are lots of interactive objects that can easily kill you. (i already made some very sharp hazards >:))

i still have to make some detail in the story, so if there is anything not clear, TELL ME. i'll try to explain.