Ah! Great, I can continue editing like before!

All my projects that didn't work because of the update, I can finally go on!

PLUS, we can profit of the awesome new draw tool!

polygon shapes are editable too! You can resize them with A,W,S,D!

There are still some projects I am working on!


-Zelda stuff

-A random monster

- more characters

-KFC!! I might wanna put an XML in the level help of this!

- a Roompuzzle

- a level about my school! I even made characters of my school friends!

- Tiny Segway

- Detailing The Volcano HD

- some random vehicles

SO! I have a lot to do!

But I don't promise anything > o < 

I don't say WHEN anything will be done. I don't make my own deadline's

so I can take all the time I want!

anyway, Jim Fixed everything! So good luck editing everyone!


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