I just published it!!

Kokiri Forest HD!!

I'm pretty dissapointed that there are no other enemies next to Spiders.

but it's SUCH a relief!

even though i asked people to help here multiple times, and nobody did anything,, i still advertised the wiki, i'm so nice :)

oh and not that it matters, i am very proud that i can say i made it all by myself :)

there are some thing I want to inform you about...

The poll from my previous blog post... i ended up ignoring it, and made a grown up link anyway XD


there are 3 secrets.

-hylian shield,

-a golden skulltula,

-and keaton. (not the mask, but keaton himself. you need the mask to find him)

if you find them all 3, a code will appear. you need to put this code, in tny, the link is in the description.

to those who feel lucky, i simply wiped my face over the keyboard to get this password, so you will not just guess it >:)

this contains an XML with a lot of stuff in this level. (i am not sure if anyone would want this XD)

I also wonder if this level is not too hard.

if nobody can make it, then it also means that nobody will see the credits, and nobody can join the wiki bcus they don't know about it.

anyway, go play it, have fun.

I think i'm gonna quit happy wheels for a while. 

After republishing it a few times, i also decided to get rid of links clothing. no hat, no navi, and especially, no shield.

he still has got his golves accidentally. but they don't cause any dying for no reason.

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