So... lately i have been leaving HW a little bit. i am doing more art stuff now...

school has begun for a couple of weeks now, so i have to check on homework and such.... and... it's not going well..

happy wheels is too distracting for me to do homework. so i tried to continue art instead.... not much better...

i have not made ANY homework this year :S

well, if you're actually interested, i'll show you some of the art updates!

IMG 20150909 173311
i made this during sociology class.

Next to my OC scotty, you see my new character!

i think she's cute xD she is Scotty's Stalker-Girl... Poor Scotty xD

Well, she doesn't have a name yet.

Some name suggests i got: Gabby, Roxy, Alexis...

Tell me which one do you think is the best, or suggest another name if you know a better one :)

she also doesn't have a color yet. 

My next Speedart on youtube is a traditional Digital speedart. Yes, Both! xD

you'll see my oversized hands drawing, and then i'll continue it in photoshop CC

i am still figuring out this whole program, so it might take a while. don't expect the speedart to be done anytime soon xDD

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