I thought i'd share this with you guys. I'm working on a level that i will be putting all of my guts into making. I'm gonna try to make it long and detailed. Now i'm no real artist, but i'm working on my art skills. I'm gonna make it 

Upcoming level

Development 1

so that it would only run pretty good on fast computers. My computer is a piece of shit, so it's gonna run like shit on my computer, but it's worth making it on. It's unknown what the level will be called but it will have Effective Shopper as a forced character. If this level goes by how to get a level featured, this might be the first featured level to have Effective Shopper in it. I've been trying numerous times to make a good level with Effective Shopper so it would become featured, but i have not succeeded at the moment. Unless someone else accomplishes. The level might be about a fat lady scaring people in the area and that police try to kill her, but you have to survive being killed by cops.

The level will be called The Effective Scare.


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