• Nomedigas23

    My best levels

    July 18, 2015 by Nomedigas23

    Weapon test ;)



    The lantern effect

    Geometry Dash DEMO

    Feel free to rate them and play my other cool levels!

    Incoming levels: 

    • The shield 2: You have a shield in your hand... What? Enemies are throwing blades and weapons to you! Protect yourself!
    • Illuminati course: You have woken the illuminati. Now he wants to kill you. Will you survive?
    • Trapped 2: Sequel to a level where you have to desactivate the gas with a hidden button in the room you are. You can't escape! (and 3, 4, 5... with different characters!)
    • Flying challenge: Try to get to the top of the tower by flying! but care; there are many people and traps that want to kill you. Will you get to the end? (almost finished!)
    • Ship escape #1: You have to escape from a ship in a storm. You actu…

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