Hey guys. First off, I would like to show you a game I made in Java, called Segway Ramp Bouncer. I went to a camp for a week to learn Java, and made my own game. It's pretty much what Happy Wheels might be if it was made in two and a half days (that's how long I had to make the game). You play as a guy on a segway, and ramps of different sizes are generated over a field that is 4,000 pixels. You cannot win or loose the game, and just refresh the page for a new set of ramps. When you hit the edge of a ramp facing the opposite direction you are in, you bounce up. This part was a glitch that me and everyone else found funny, so I decided to leave it in. Apparently making a game off of Happy Wheels is complicated to make because it has so much physics. This game was very complicated to make, especially adding ramps and gravity. I never would of thought that adding ramps would of been so complicated. Me and the teacher assistants (actually, just the teacher assistants) worked for a very long time trying to get the ramps and the gravity to work right. Apparently, just putting down a triangle to make a ramp involves trigonometry. Click on "source code" at the bottom left corner to see all the code that has been typed to make the game. Overall, making it was not exactly what I wanted to do, and I feel bad knowing that the TAs did most of the work, and I still do not understand a lot of the code.

For some reason, wikia will not let me add a link to my game, so here's the link to it to copy and paste in the URL bar:

This is also why I haven't been doing things much more than replying to comments on this wiki. I now hope to do stuff like make a better welcome image on the home page. I will also try to make more videos, and I'll try to contact Jim about the color selector glitch, as well as the 163 hacker. I'll also do some gameplay sections for the featured levels on the Happy Wheels wiki.

Also because of the color selector glitch, I will not be able to make any speed drawing videos because those videos involve a lot of adding and subtracting colors.

I think that's all I have to say for now, please let me know what you think of Segway Ramp Bouncer in the comments. 

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