So I'm working on stuff for a company I hope to create in the near future, and I want to share what I've made with you guys before I officially launch the company. It's called Proxecto, and it's like for visual design like logos, websites, banners, posters, etc. Here's what I've made so far.
Proxecto Christmas Logo Anonymous
Proxecto Banner FINAL
Proxecto logo 2 colorized
Proxecto Rainy Day
Proxecto Business Card Back
Proxecto Sunny Day
Proxecto Letterhead 2

That's dummy text. I might change this later.

Proxecto Business Card Mr.Larry
Proxecto Easter
Proxecto Cartoons
Other Proxecto Logos
Banners Icon

Banner icon.

Brochures icon

Brochures icon.

Business Card Icon
Logos Icon
Posters Icon

Posters icon.

Websites Icon

Can you guess what this icon is for?

Proxecto Home page Banner FINAL 2

The home page banner.

Proxecto Brush Banner-01
Proxecto Home Page Banner4 Artboard 2
Proxecto Home Page Banner5 Artboard 2-02

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