What's up guys, my next level's gonna be called Burger King Thief !! It's where you go into a Burger King, steal burgers, and escape! I remember me and my friend had it a while ago, and now that The Forest (HD) is finished, I can start it! This level is going to have very simple detail, because me and my friend were origionally going to work on it together, but unfortunatly we don't go to the same school anymore and we kinda lost touch. Anyways, here's some screenshots of what I've done so far:

UPDATE: The level is just about done! I just have to make the end screen and finish up programming the boss fight, and possibly fixing some glitches with the burgers.

UPDATE 2: The level is now finished! Before I release it though I just want to make a trailer and finish up my trigger tutorial before I make the trailer, so it may be a few days until it gets released.


As you can see, this level is coming along much faster than The Forest (HD)!

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