Hey everyone, so since I can't work on my speed art at the moment I was going to start my next level, called Burger King Thief !!. I am going to use some lf the xml on the level help page for this level, but as you may know, I can't copy and paste things into other windows, and I couldn't figure out how to combine level xmls together, so I was wondering if one of you would do me a huge favor and combine these level xmls into one level that I am going to use for Burger King Thief !!:

  1. Gumball machine kit by BigBloodHead
  2. Small plane by gianlucarueger
  3. General Lee Car by Bobisdacool1
  4. Gun kit by Bigbloodhead
  5. Aston Martin DB9 by me, LWPeterson

Whoever does this can ask a favor from me of their choice, thanks!

P.S I can now test my levels without any crashes! Woohoo!

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