So similar to Tayrone11's blog, I'm also going to do more stuff other than Happy Wheels.

Watch the vlog here.

So I have been becoming less and less interested in Happy Wheels because of the lack of updates, bad levels etc, so I will be doing games other than Happy Wheels on my channel and I will be spending more of my time away from Happy Wheels. I will still keep doing Happy Wheels letsplays, tutorials, and speed art, just not as often. Here is a list of new things I will to bring to the channel:

  • Team Fortress 2 gameplay
  • A new animation series
  • Garry's Mod
  • Minecraft gameplay
  • Realm of the Mad God gameplay
  • Overwatch gameplay (when the game comes out)
  • Speed arts of all the games mentioned above
  • Possibly some animations of the games mentioned above

I hope to be using Incscape or Adobe Illustrator to do the speed arts on the new games. I'll start with Incscape, then maybe move to Adobe Illustrator. Yes, a new animation series is on the way! I will mane another blog of that later. I also really think you should check out Overwatch. The beta is coming out this fall and I am super hyped for it! I highly reccomend you check it out!

Overwatch Youtube Channel

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