In order for this wiki to become popular, we need to advertise it, so I came up with some advertising ideas below.

One idea I had for this wiki was to save replays on people's levels, advertising this wiki. We can say something like "Great level! Do you think you can check out the Your Best Levels wiki? You can make pages about your best levels!" in the replay. I tihnk it will be a very effective way to get new users if we save a lot of replays, when the site finishes moving and the replays come back up.

Another idea, is if any of you guys have a Facebook or Twitter about Happy Wheels, to tell your followers about this wiki, then people who follow you will see it, and maybe come to this wiki.

We can also mention this wiki in all of our levels, like whenever we release a level, we can say "If you liked this level, please check out the Your Best Levels wiki, where you can make pages about your best levels!". Especially if it is a good level, people will realize it is a good level, and come to this wiki.

Things I plan on doing about advertising this wiki is when I reach 200 subscribers on youtube, I will give a shoutout to this wiki.

Do any of you guys have any ideas of advertising this wiki? If so, tell me in the comments below!

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