Hey guys, so --Taco Town-- is just about done! Here's what I'm going to do:


So I'm going to use some quotes from you guys that were in some previous blogs to use in the trailer! They are:

"It looks so badass"


"Very cool!"




If you guys aren't okay with me using these quotes please let me know!

  1. Avaiable for early testing again!

So once again, Taco Town is avaiable for early testing! Let me know if you would like to test the level, and some way I can privately give you the level XML. Please tell me anything that needs to be fixed, or anything you would like to see added! 

Also, I would really like maybe one sentence of what you thought overall on the level. Because when I make the trailer, I would like to show some wuotes from you guys on what you thought of the level. Thanks!

2. Release a trailer for the open beta

So a lot like Burger King Thief !! , I am going to make a trailer for this level. However, this time it will be for an open beta for Taco Town, not the final level. In case if you guys don't know, an open beta is an unfinished version of something that anyone can play. 

3. Release an open beta for everyone to play

So I am going to release --Taco Town-- as an open beta, and as a level. I want to get feedback from as many people as possible so I can make the best level possible. The title will be called 'Taco Town OPEN BETA'. I think the level is already quite good, but not perfect. I've spent a lot of time polishing everything, so I hope everyone will like it. :)

 4. Make a really shot trailer for the final version (like maybe 20-30 seconds long)

5. Release a final version based off of the feedback

So based off of what everyone tells me, I will make changes and additions to the level to hopefully make the level as perfect as possible.

I'm not done with this blog yet. Wikia doesn't have a way of saving drafts, so I'm just going to publish this and update it soon. Thank you everyone! I really, really appreciate everyone's feedback on --Taco Town-- so far. :D

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