Jen Serifie (The Random Maker)

  • I live in The US
  • I was born on November 9
  • My occupation is a Sandwich :D
  • I am a male
  • Jen Serifie (The Random Maker)

    I have been inactive in this site for... months? Anyways I turn 12 a month ago and now here we are, Christmas. Oh, and also I will quit Happy Wheels some were between 125-176 |:(|. Also Marry Christmas {Eve}! :D

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  • Jen Serifie (The Random Maker)

    I am making a level that requires a Mech.

    What Mech? The Custom Controllable NPC Mech, Can you people please tell me how to do it?

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  • Jen Serifie (The Random Maker)

    While I was working on a level with Bran1231... he told me to name the level we where working on.... however this is going to be hard.

    What's the level all about: You get a gift in a box by your best friend, however you forgot that you sold your hammer and your son remembers see-ing a hammer in a tree while you where going to your Shed.... so you have to get past all of the obsicals (Like a obsical course) and get the hammer a -Level victory-


    • Arrow gun in tree
    • Harpoons and the circles
    • Harpoon run

    Anyways, if you tell me a name and I accepted, I will give you a prize 5 out of the choices :).

    Good luck

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  • Jen Serifie (The Random Maker)

    I'm Making a level Called "Wonder....", Which is a level were you expore the environment and a city and that stuff (Also I Will Try and use my best Art Skills I can do...) I will give lots of credits If course, I will be using the Level Help and that stuff

    Well, these are the thing that are wanted:

    • 1: Plants
    • 2: Houses
    • 3: (Maybe) Rocks
    • 4:
    • 5:
    • 6:
    • 7:
    • 8:
    • 9:
    • 10:

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  • Jen Serifie (The Random Maker)

    I finish a level! Yay! Anyways... I made a part to on my Most Popular Level, And when was the last time I made a level? It will be publish at 12:00am Tomorrow Central Standard Time US. Also, I hope this gets as popular as the Original!

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