I think it's fairly obvious why I stopped playing in the first place.. Err, make that 4th or 5th place. The overall player community of Happy Wheels as a whole isn't a very good one, nor is it a very intelligent and competent one. It is a community that does not favor levels with even the slightest bit of challenge and a community that seems to be entirely fine with eating up the same uninspired and redone garbo every day. Most of the level publishers only make their levels in hopes of their favorite youtuber senpai noticing them for a few seconds and people are STILL somehow falling for these naked girl levels.

With all of this in mind it's easy to get uninspired, which may be the reason some of the other far, far more skilled creators like iDevil360 and kirbypwnage (To name just a few) stopped playing. It really is hard to please such a... Picky community of players as of today with a level that isn't the usual jet run or bottle throw.

Anyway, in a surge of bored creativity I decided to mess around with the new fangled level editor. I've not fully explored the new trigger and collision capabilities and what not yet, but I have managed to concoct a bit of a level, and I think I really like what I have so far.


[Missing from the photo: Pretty much every aspect of the setting]

I thought up a name for the level-to-be: "Sunset Suburbia". It's going to be set in a suburban neighborhood at sunset, obviously.

Now, I'm NOT good with keeping track with one level. I end up starting one level, getting bored, scrapping it and repeating the process. I have like 570 unreleased levels because of this. Regardless, I would actually like to get back into making levels. Not frequent like I used to, but one good level here and there. And I'm really wanting to expand upon this particular level idea. Hopefully I can get it to look like what I had in mind.

I'm not sure if many people get on the wikia anymore, if there actually is anyone. Just thought I'd share. If I do end up finishing this level and releasing it, and it gets good reception, then I plan on slowly inching my way back into making levels. I never actually got the chance to successfully work with anyone also, and I'd like to do that sometime.

Update - I haven't been working on the level frequently, but in the time that I do work I make sure that it is diligent work. Here's a few props that I've finished. Plenty more in the full level


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