So today GHAIS had informed me that a user had taken one of my vehicles, an unreleased mecha (Found on the "Level Help" section) and had sort of plaigarized it, in a sense. He had used it in a level dedicated to jacksepticeye. Now, if this level would've given credit where it was due, I would've been totally okay with it. I mean, that's why I posted the vehicle XMLs in the first place. But no credit was given, and the author is making it seem like it is his creation, which it is not.

GHAIS had also told me that my mecha is not the only one that this author had stolen. He had apparently taken a few of bobisdacool1's vehicles as well, again, giving no credit.

Now, obviously, seeing this has given me time to think about the cons of sharing creations on this wikia. There are a lot of people who are low enough to take credit for things that they did not make, and I'm sure that this is apparent to all of you. I need some opinions on whether or not we should take the XML sharing section out of Level Help. For all we know, our creations could've been plaigarized multiple times without our knowledge.

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