So I checked out the replays on my (Maybe) last level and saw Bigbloodhead's request to join this wiki. I have a bunch of time on my hands. Why not?

There hasn't been something like this in a long while. The Happy Wheels community kind of crawled back into their holes after Advanced Wheelers died. I find it interesting that something like this exists, and, well, I think it's a really good idea. Happy Wheels has been in the dumps for a long time (And so has my creation). I think this wikia has good potential to really bring up the state of Happy Wheels by bringing a different sort of system into mind. Here, users can speak easily to each other, share levels with in-depth information, and filter out lower quality generic levels like poorly made sword throws or jet runs.

We just need more people to join.

This could really be something good if we introduced this wikia page to others. Guys, if you need any of your pages proofread and edited, I would be happy to do so. I'll see what I can do when it comes to expanding this wikia. Maybe I'll start making again if this picks up like I hope it will.

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