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  • FutureBusMan

    I think it's fairly obvious why I stopped playing in the first place.. Err, make that 4th or 5th place. The overall player community of Happy Wheels as a whole isn't a very good one, nor is it a very intelligent and competent one. It is a community that does not favor levels with even the slightest bit of challenge and a community that seems to be entirely fine with eating up the same uninspired and redone garbo every day. Most of the level publishers only make their levels in hopes of their favorite youtuber senpai noticing them for a few seconds and people are STILL somehow falling for these naked girl levels.

    With all of this in mind it's easy to get uninspired, which may be the reason some of the other far, far more skilled creators lik…

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  • FutureBusMan

    So today GHAIS had informed me that a user had taken one of my vehicles, an unreleased mecha (Found on the "Level Help" section) and had sort of plaigarized it, in a sense. He had used it in a level dedicated to jacksepticeye. Now, if this level would've given credit where it was due, I would've been totally okay with it. I mean, that's why I posted the vehicle XMLs in the first place. But no credit was given, and the author is making it seem like it is his creation, which it is not.

    GHAIS had also told me that my mecha is not the only one that this author had stolen. He had apparently taken a few of bobisdacool1's vehicles as well, again, giving no credit.

    Now, obviously, seeing this has given me time to think about the cons of sharing crea…

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  • FutureBusMan

    Pls no dispute

    August 16, 2014 by FutureBusMan

    I've looked over a bit of the Kevdri situation that had happened recently, and while the things he did were both annoying and upsetting, your reactions were as well. I expect more from you guys.

    You see, this wikia as well as the Happy Wheels wikia is about sharing your content with others in a detailed manner, easily getting in touch with other creators, and simply discussing things about the game, plus other things. There just shouldn't be anger and dispute in a place like this. I am fully aware that I have no authority on this wikia, but I want this wikia to succeed, and such a reaction from the admins will hurt these chances. You guys have to avoid acting in such a way.

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  • FutureBusMan

    Any suggestions?

    August 12, 2014 by FutureBusMan

    So I'm creating another Pixel Art Museum because I'm kind of out of ideas at the moment. This would be my fourth so far.

    So far I've made 7 pixelated sprites and I need about 9-12. Only thing is, I've run out of ideas for pixelations and I have no more valid suggestions. So I was wondering if I could get a few suggestions from you guys? Give as many as you want. But, here are some things that I almost certainly cannot make-

    • Inappropriate/explicit suggestions, so many people have suggested things like a naked woman or bouncing breasts or whatever. Doing something like this would not only be a waste of time, but it would also violate the rules Jim has made for the game. I don't want to do that.
    • Unrelated suggestions, things like Mordecai and Ri…

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  • FutureBusMan

    This wikia has turned out to be the closest I was able to get to fellow creators and such. My time on this wikia was great, and to be honest, I don't know why I left.

    In late 2013 to mid 2014 I had made some mistakes as FBM. I had temporarily burned my bridges with certain creators like Fatality14 (Just so you know, I have recently apologized to him and we're good now). I had made promises that I have broken and I had left people generally unsatisfied with what I've been doing. This wasn't the way I should've been doing things. I was left in a very low position by the time I came to my senses. I felt shamed for the stuff that I've done and personally, I'll never let myself live it down.

    Leaving this wikia was a mistake on my part. There are …

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