Here you can post your most recent level that you want us to play and the one you are currently working on. ETS refers to the estimated time of submission for your upcoming level, so we know when to check back here so we can play it. Put up pictures of your progress too, if you want!


Pyramid of the Gods- June 15th

Subway Rampage - August 19th

Upcoming: Mecha Smackdown

ETS: August


TJF Monster - 6/5/14

City Rescue - 6/21/14

Upcoming: Starving Hobo Demo (The demo will have it's own level)

ETS: Unknown

Upcoming: -=Starving Hobo=- (A pixelated game)

ETS: Unknown



Upcoming: =-Deserted Island-=

ETS: July or August

Upcoming: Classic Happy Wheels 2

ETS: August or September.


The Heaven Gates - June 10th

Upcoming: Save this level!

ETS: Unknown

Super cj1 

Obstacle Course 2 - August 13th

Upcoming: The Run

ETS: September

Upcoming: Ultimate Street Race

ETS: September-ish

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