Hey guys! I haven't posted anything in like 6 months, but I've been hard at work on a new level and it's almost done. However, I need you guys's help in giving it a proper name and a good endscreen.

Level Description

You play as Segway Guy, beginning at the entrance to a parking garage to some evil tech facility. You're some sort of agent, and you have to break into the building, shoot down the evil agents, steal some data, and fight a robotic beast before setting the bombs and blowing up the facility. Here are some pictures I scrounged up:


The beginning


Shooting some guards


One of the various tasks

Robot Boss

The robot boss

Contest 1 - Name

Please come up with a good level name for me. I've thought up "Agent Segway" but I want something with a little more kick. Obviously it needs to be 20 characters or less. Submit your name ideas in the comments below, and I'll include your username in the endscreen. Also, I'll send you one of my custom creations (your choice). I'll announce the winner on Wednesday (the 10th).

And the winning (combination) name is... "Operation Detonation" which takes up exactly the character limit -_-

Ghais and LWPeterson will get the prize since a combination of their names was used (and since I'm already using something from them in this level.) Congratulations! Find something from one of my levels that you want me to share with you, and contact me (email, Facebook, etc).

Contest 2 - Endscreen

Please create an endscreen that fits with the level. The level ends with Agent Segway driving out of the parking garage while the building explodes behind him, if that gives you any ideas. Animations and various other things are fine, but I'm setting a shape limit of 30 since I'm running out of shapes myself. Also, remember that the endscreen takes up a rectangle 900 wide and 500 tall. Submit your endscreens as a link in the comments, using whatever pasting site you like. The winner will get their name in the endscreen, and I'll send you some of my custom creations, and maybe I'll create something new just for you. Whatever you think is appropriate. I'll announce the winner on Friday (the 12th).

Anyway, thank you everyone who participates.

And the winning endscreen is from TheStressBall! Thank you so much, and sometime soon you can request me to make you any creation you want.

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