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  • I live in Somewhere
  • I was born on September 26
  • My occupation is Happy Wheels
  • I am Male
  • Bobisdacool1

    Hey guys! I haven't posted anything in like 6 months, but I've been hard at work on a new level and it's almost done. However, I need you guys's help in giving it a proper name and a good endscreen.

    You play as Segway Guy, beginning at the entrance to a parking garage to some evil tech facility. You're some sort of agent, and you have to break into the building, shoot down the evil agents, steal some data, and fight a robotic beast before setting the bombs and blowing up the facility. Here are some pictures I scrounged up:

    Please come up with a good level name for me. I've thought up "Agent Segway" but I want something with a little more kick. Obviously it needs to be 20 characters or less. Submit your name ideas in the comments below, and I…

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  • Bobisdacool1

    Hey guys, I've decided to start a Let's Play series for Happy Wheels so I created my first video. Watch it here. Please give me some feedback for how I can continue the series. At some point I'll make some tutorial videos as well.

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  • Bobisdacool1

    Hey guys, Bob here. If you guys are looking for something to play, try my new level!


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  • Bobisdacool1

    Author Leaderboard

    August 1, 2014 by Bobisdacool1

    Here you can see how you and the other members on this wiki are doing in terms of playcount, rating, and other stuff that might be relevant.

    • Total Playcount sums up your top 50 played levels, rounding each level to the nearest 1000 plays before being put into the sum. Average Rating is the average of the rating for an author's top 5 played levels. Popular Levels are levels with more than 50,000 plays. (Figures in italics have been updated.)

    Author Total Playcount Average Rating # of Popular Levels Total Levels
    bobisdacool1 18,415,000 4.45 15 38
    LWPeterson 452,000 4.43 1 230
    GHAIS 10,271,000 4.39 9 36
    Bigbloodhead 218,000 4.05 1 200
    FutureBusMan 7,622,000 4.68 31 48
    super cj1 311,000 4.53 1 13
    TheRealThing_76 8,340,000 4.53 46 71
    tayrone11 518,000 4.38 4 33
    tjbravo6 1,000 4.43 0 2
    Not A …

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  • Bobisdacool1

    Your Newest Levels

    June 15, 2014 by Bobisdacool1

    Here you can post your most recent level that you want us to play and the one you are currently working on. ETS refers to the estimated time of submission for your upcoming level, so we know when to check back here so we can play it. Put up pictures of your progress too, if you want!

    Pyramid of the Gods- June 15th

    Subway Rampage - August 19th

    Upcoming: Mecha Smackdown

    ETS: August

    TJF Monster - 6/5/14

    City Rescue - 6/21/14

    Upcoming: Starving Hobo Demo (The demo will have it's own level)

    ETS: Unknown

    Upcoming: -=Starving Hobo=- (A pixelated game)

    ETS: Unknown

    ESCAPE SCHOOL! - May 31st

    Upcoming: =-Deserted Island-=

    ETS: July or August

    Upcoming: Classic Happy Wheels 2

    ETS: August or September.

    The Heaven Gates - June 10th

    Upcoming: Save this level!

    ETS: Unknown


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