The most good level persons who join my wiki first will be considered as VIPs.


Wiki Host

BigBloodHead                                                                                          ⊷

VIP users
Bobisdacool1                                                                                               ♦

GhaisHW                                                                                                      ♦

CrazyJohn Gaming               CL Event champion                                         ♦

4 out of 5 VIPs.

These are the Wiki VIPs.

Being a VIP

Currently, there are no VIP Perks yet. I will think about it.

To be a VIP,People must like your levels very much.You need:

  • More than 2 levels on this wiki
  • At least 200 wiki points
  • 5 Comments of people who liked your level on 2 of your levels that you published on this wiki.
  • A vip Request

After that, an admin will see if you have all these conditions, and your done.

Send a Vip Request here .

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