WARNING:This post is most for Admins.If you'd like to check out and you're not a admin,feel free to do this.But the only ones who are gaining credit here,is the ADMINS.


The admins can buy their own prize,for a certain cost of points,that are given as long as they stay active on the wiki,and for the job they do.The prizes will be given as image,to decorate their profile pages :D The word PP refers to Prize Point.

Admins,hope you enjoy it!

Avaliable Prizes

Simple Trophy - 500 PP

Gold Ring - 500 PP

Diamond Ring - 1000 PP

Sapphire Vase - 800 PP

Lapis Lazuli - 1000 PP

Mini Ruby Castle - 1500 PP

Mini Emerald Castle - 1300 PP

Throne Room - 2000 PP

Ruby Vase - 800 PP

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