Tiny Moped Man 1 is a level by UlyssesK402. It currently has no ratings at all and a play count under 100, which is why this good level was put on the Wiki.


You start off in the air with UlyssesK402's mascot ahead of you, as well as a black board that reads "2 + 2 = KFC Chicken." The black board says that for a joke, as this person loves to do stuff that can be funny. The player can see Moped Man saying "WTF? How in the name of the world am I tiny?"

A few seconds later, the player falls past the mascots "Wings" and into a "Toy Moped" with the moped controls text telling the player how to operate the moped.

The player rolls past the chair that the mascot was sitting on, and the player reads text saying "Note- The ant is harmless. If it touches you, it noclips through you." As the text said, the player can see a giant ant walk past them. The player also rolls on and avoids some chompers, and Moped Man says "A mouse hole? Better take advantage." The player then rolls into the "Mouse Hole."

Once you go into the mouse hole, the mascot says "HEY! WHERE IS MY MOPED!?" with a Helicopter Man voice.

As the player goes on, they see a wall saying "CHARACTERS ONLY!" (there as, only the player can go through and the toy moped can't). Moped Man also says: "Ugh... I'd better get out of this moped (Z)."

When the player goes past the "CHARACTERS ONLY" wall, they fall onto a giant mouse that the player should grab onto, as well as "Mouse Controls." Like the moped controls text, the mouse controls text explains how to drive the mouse, this time the boost text says "SUPA FART!!!" as a mode of comedy.

The player drives the mouse to the finish line with some ups and downs, as well as chompers on the way. Then, the finish line activates, and they win the level.


  • The mouse in the level is the first animal vehicle made by this author
    • The author is proud of this creation, as he knows this means he is getting better at mechanics in the level editor
  • The level has no squeal yet, but the author has a plan in mind where you ride the mouse in the start of the level.
  • This is one of this authors best levels with a low play count.
  • The level contains the visual effect where you are tiny, as there are things that you recognize as smaller.
  • This was one of this authors levels inspired from another users level, this one being inspired from Tayrone11's "TINY SEGWAY," which was posted on accident and is currently a preview.

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