Time Lab

Breaking into the lab.

|The Time Lab| is a level by bobisdacool1. It currently has over 80,000 plays and a rating of 4.13 out of over 200 votes. The forced character is Helicopter Man. It is an adventure level.


You begin on top of a helipad as Helicopter Man with a machine gun attached to your gyrocopter. You have been given a mission to infiltrate a top-secret lab and destroy the illegal time machine. Near the helipad, you find a box of dynamite which you must pick up in order to progress. First, you break into an office, trip the alarm, and shoot down some homing mines. You come to a series of elevator shafts which you must navigate without getting crushed. Then, you come to a security door which can only be destroyed by exploding the dynamite you are carrying. Next, you come to a room holding a nuclear warhead, which you pick up. You find Santa Claus standing behind a glass wall, pleading with you to not destroy his time machine, but you ignore him by shooting him down. You come to the time machine and drop the nuke on it, but nothing happens. The instruction giver tells you to go back and find something else, but you ignore him and go through the time machine, triggering the victory screen.


- This level has custom music in the background.

- The gun can be detached from the vehicle; however, this does not prevent you from proceeding through the level.

- Due to the difficulty, this level is one of bobisdacool1's lowest rated popular levels.

- It is unknown whether a sequel will be made.


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