GTA quiz

the intro and start of the level.

The GTA Quiz (The Grand Theft Auto Quiz) is a level created by Grandpa Joe WCG. It has over 1,800 plays with a rating of 4.67 and 3 votes.


The level starts with Segway Guy as a forced character. The intro music begins to play as the appearing/disappearing text above Segway Guy's head is introducing the player to the level. The Grand Theft Auto logo appears to the rhythm of the music in seprate words (GRAND|THEFT|AUTO), and in under and overlined red text "Quiz" appears under the Grand Theft Auto logo. After the intro as ended, the player is free to move on to the quiz itself.


  • Grandpa Joe made a mistake on the "True or false" statment, as he forgot to make the statment transparent before it was triggered to show. This problem was fixed in his fixed version of the level.
  • A black bar was placed on the top left corner of the screen (Not the stage) so the frame rate can be visible to the player.


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