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Choose Segway Guy! I forgot to force his character.

Tactician is a level made by hdggDalon. It has 4.00 rating decided by 2 votes, and has over 100 plays. The playable character is anyone. (But I recommend playing as Segway Guy)


The in game description is "Make choices that would be wise in a combat situation!" and how you play is by pressing the button to order your unit to do carry out your corresponding orders. Like fleeing, and different stances of fighting. But no matter what, your unit will triumph one way or another. In the end of it all, you will get a taste of the fighting yourself and charge at an enemy who just jumps up and breaks his feet. It has 3 opponents who you'll have to face. Once I made the 1st opponent, I copypasted the 2 others. Your enemies are; Clubmen, with density 3 sticks, Butchers, with meat cleavers, and swordsmen, with swords, obviously. All of your opponents are outranged by your mens' spears which is a good thing.

Level type

I'm not sure a category exists for combat simulators yet.

Extra info

This article was inspired by Bigbloodhead who suggested that I make a page on this level. Also, Lightshot was not saving any more pictures even though I clicked the save button. So we'll have 1 picture. The speed record set by me is also 4.97 seconds using Wheelchair Guy.

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