The boss fight at the end of the level.

TJF Monster is a featured level made by GHAIS . This level currently has over 1,143,000 plays, and a 3.92 rating, voted by 1255 people. You can play as any character , but not Helicopter Man and Santa Claus. GHAIS announce that he used a lot of triggers than joints. After months since the events of his levels he announced that he is working on a new pixel level.


You begin in a blocky, blue area with a character recommendation list to your left. You proceed over a bridge and come to a sleeping TJF Monster, whom you wake up. He rotates his flag down to crush you on the right, while if you try to escape on the left, he breaks the bridge with his fist. You must get your vehicle onto the flag, which will launch you to the right into a blue cave.

As you move through the cave, his hand suddenly bursts through the floor. You then come to a wall which needs 3 hits to break through. You exit the cave and come to the monster again, who has his head protruding from the floor. He swings his arm up, and blue blocks fall from the ceiling after each swing. When he closes his eyes, you must hit him; this decreases his health. After 3 hits, his arm falls off but the ceiling keeps collapsing. A stray rock breaks the floor to your left, revealing a tunnel. You must escape into the tunnel or else you will be crushed by the onslaught of rocks. After the tunnel, you fall for a few seconds before triggering the victory and seeing the victory screen, which is an advertisement for Ghais's level -=Flappy Bird=-.


  • This level used a system that prevents players from choosing Santa Claus, or Helicopter Man.
  • There is an easter egg in the level which has 3 digits that might be used in a future level called XML chamber that will need a password to open the rooms, and get the XML.
  • This level used 201 triggers to create.    
  • This is one of the few levels that got hacked by 163gal, but fortunately Ghais had a backup copy.