THE VOLCANO -MD- is a level made by Tayrone11. I decided to change MD to HD. Segway guy is forced. There is a warning against using headphones in the level because of the awful scream when you fall into a lava puddle. The scream is pogostick man's. (If you hear the voice of pogostick man compared to other voices, pogostick man is such a crybaby.)


You're a random tourist who visits a landscape full of volcanoes! But you got lost in the whole place, you need to find a way out… but right at that moment, some volcanoes start rumbling. Lava is flowing everywhere! You need to escape AND stay alive! Your running through beautiful landscapes of volcanoes, lava puddles, and lava falls! This level is scary. (According to my younger brother)


There is one easter egg in these level, and you really can't miss it. It's right on the second platform. Once you touch it, it explodes. a coca cola logo, some hotwings, some headphones, and a monster truck appear.

In the full version, The same easter egg is placed somewhere else. when you go into the cave, go up backwards. you will find the same floating rock. touch it, It explodes, and the same things appear over the whole cave. the Beats headphones are spinning through the place, the monster truck drives around, and chicken appears all over the place. there are some new things too! a stitch head, not interactive, and a dubstepp logo. nice!







The beginning

Dieing screen

The death screen which has a fire animation and a skull in lava.

Headphoners warning

The warning which warns users against using headphones.

Lava falls

some lava falls


The easter egg


A few lava puddles


The unactivated easter egg, it explodes once it is touched, then all those things appear


This is what happens if you use helicopter guy.


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