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The beginning.

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Stunt Mania is a level by Bigbloodhead. It has rating 5.00 with 2 votes, and a 700+ play count. You play as Moped Couple.


In this level, you start in the main door. You must press SHIFT to go, and you will drop the moped girl. There is a quarter pipe to climb and pass. After that, a high ramp. When you pass it, a kid screams something like Wow! to give more emotion. And there is a second ramp, again the kid screams, when you jump the 3rd ramp, you fall in another ramp, and then, you go in a big quarter pipe. After that, you face a huge ramp, and when you reach the top, you fall and go to another ramp that brings you to victory.


  • At the last ramp, if you go in much high speed, you have 87% chance of dying.


  • The end.
  • What happens when you go back at the beginning.

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