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SpongeBob Adventure is a level made by gianlucarueger. It has over 183,000 plays, with over 1500 votes. Wheelchair Guy is forced.


SpongeBob Tell Patrick and say "Hey SpongeBob. Give me a Books." and SpongeBob Says "Okay, Patrick. I go to Squidward and tell me that locate a Foods.". SpongeBob goes to Squidward and takes Squidward to SpongeBob a book and Squidward Says "Hi, SpongeBob. you Take this Book. And show were a Krusty Krab." then SpongeBob Says "Thanks, Squidward.". SpongeBob gives Patrick a book and says "Thank you, SpongeBob. my favorite book.". SpongeBob goes to the Krusty Krab and SpongeBob says "I am Ready, Promotion. I am Ready, Promotion." and second say "I have found Krusty Krab. Thanks, Squidward and i lets go to the Krusty Krab" SpongeBob goes to Mr. Krabs and says "Hello my Boy OH NO! PLANKTON HAVE SECRET FORMULA! GO! GO!". Plankton has stolen the secret formula. SpongeBob gets the Secret Formula and Plankton in stops and says "SpongeBob. You Can't Take a Secret Formula. What, NO! You Take a Secret Formula NO!". SpongeBob picks up the Secret Formula up to Mr. Krabs and he says "Thanks my Boy. you go to Finish Line and See a 10 Krabby Patties for you.". SpongeBob goes to the finish line and says "WOW! 10 Krabby Patties. Thanks Mr. Krabs.".

Author's Comments (Level Description) 

Plankton have Steal a Secret Formula

SpongeBob Will Take a Secret Formula to Mr. Krabs

Mr. Krabs have Prize for SpongeBob, be have a 10 Krabby Patties



SpongeBob Adventure Gameplay 3

SpongeBob Adventure Gameplay 3


  • The level was reuploaded due to Happy Wheels (and wiki) rules broken,which tells you to rate 5, and it has no more on the level.