STUNTMAN is a level created by DJ_Thanos. Inresponsible Dad is the forced character.

ST crash


The mission on this level is simple. You are in a car, head onto a ramp and land on some vehicles. A beat is played when you start, and it stops when you jump off the ramp, which makes 3 long drum sounds. However, what is unique is that the vehicle the player rides and the wrecks bellow deform realistically, for example the roof caves in or the front is destroyed, doors and wheels flying around.


  • Doing a wheelie and jumping off the ramp so fast that you skip all the vehicles, you will land on the ground like normal, but after a while a screen will pop up saying "HOMERUN!" with your vehicle in the air about to exit the arena. This is a common trandition in DJ_Thanos' levels and nearly every level of his has an alternative.
  • If a crash is hard enough, you can injure the character or even kill him.
  • There is no way you can actually win the level.
  • The licence plate on the white cars read "HELLO".
  • Right before the ramp you see a text writing "HI JIM!". Jim Bonacci is the creator of Happy Wheels.
  • There is text on the ramp reading "Oww Shish!". This is the name of the level that he previously published