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SAVE YOUR SON!! 1 is a level made my UlyssesK402. It has 1246 plays and a rating of 3 from 2 votes.


You start out at your house with your son not on your bike, but in the Moped Girl's hands! The moped couple are driving away and you have to chase them. You drive across a road with text above it saying "Note- If the red moped flips over or you break of the girls arms and yo son falls on the ground, you win automaticly." It has a misspell in it that says "of" instead of "off."

The chase goes on. You come up to a Segway Guy NPC that is irritated and yelling at the Moped couple, saying "Moped Guy and Girl, KIDNAPPING IS NOT RIGHT!" You go on some more and you see that Segway Guy drops down from the sky on his Segway with text following "I'm on your side, Irresponsible Dad" (thus the text he yelled at the Moped Couple).

You then come across a gap that the Moped boosts over and Segway Guy jumps over it, as well as text that says to spam left and right arrow keys to hover across the gap. If you fall in it, you blow up.

The chase still goes on, and you come up on the other side of the gap. You go up a hill, and then you win the level.


  • If the son falls into the pit, the dad yells "D**mit" (can someone uncover that and delete this?), and the finish line is disabled.
  • If the son touches the ground before the finish line, you win automatically.
  • The Moped Couple have a few boost points in this level.
  • The Moped is red.
  • The level has a sequel named "SAVE YOUR SON!! 2," which takes place in a cave.