Rating Profession is an upcoming level by DJ_Thanos. For amateurs, it means you can't play it yet. The level is focused on Happy Wheels "players" begging for 5-star ratings and other rule-breaking stuff. Segway Guy is going to be the forced character.


The level begins with a "cutscene" with Irresponsible Son creating a level in the Level Editor, revealing its screen to have blue blocks, harpoon guns, a boost and a finish line. The kid has an evil-looking face, apparently thinking he rules by getting 5 stars. Then, the cutscene shows Segway Guy bored, looking in the browser for a level to play. He eventually finds a level named "MY FIRST LEVIL" created by "5yrOldKID". The level's description is rather retarded and says "please be 5 stories" at some point, and has 5 star rating (both average and weighted). Then, you get to play on his "level", and after finishing it Segway Guy goes crazy upon the fact that he was in the said level and was asked to rate 5. He quickly mounts the segway, rides out of his home and eventually kills the kid after finding his IP address.


  • Yes, it makes no sense in the description that it says "please be 5 stories" but I kept getting warnings about breaking the rule.
  • Just so I let you know, the beggings are only meant for the level's theme, and are not put to be SERIOUSLY taken. I never asked for stars in any of my levels.
  • So far there is only one alternate ending (fail): When you fall off the level which the kid created, you will see a disappointed Segway Guy laying his head on the table with a "TRY AGAIN" text on the top.
  • Under the "level" which you get to play, there is another level named "SethFreakEye Zord Throws". This is a clear pun of Jacksepticeye, a YouTuber mostly known for playing Happy Wheels and the "level" was seen here to also parody the fact that many players create levels especially meant for YouTubers in return for... nothing. The level's creator is named "PLACEHOLDER_NAME".
  • It was originally meant to be named "Star Ratings" but was later changed to "Rating Profession".

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