Rampage 2 - Hitman is a level by stevensjohn708. The level has 256 plays and a rating of 3.20. The playable character is Agent 47 from Hitman.


Agent 47 comes home to find out that his son has been kidnapped. The player controls Agent 47 with the goal of killing the kidnappers and saving his son. The player begins with no weapons. Throughout the level, the player picks up a Glock and a shotgun. After the player kills the first 6 enemies, Agent 47 finds the last kidnapper with a gun to his son's head. The player has to shoot the last kidnapper to win the level. Agent 47 has a health bar which drains when people shoot at him. When the health reaches 0, Agent 47 dies.

Level Type

This level is a custom vehicle level, fighting level, and a level in a series.




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