Oww ShiSh! is a level by DJ_Thanos. It has over 900 plays with nearly 3 weighted rating from 4 votes. Effective Shopper is the forced character.


You start in a toilet room, where Effective Shopper takes a rest. However, she noticed there is no paper toilet and has to crawl all the way to the hotel's counter to grab the toilet paper. She busts open the toilet's door, pushing down a Mopped Man NPC down a few stairs, and then she crawls in to an elevator. It goes up, where she has to crawl to the other side, seeing a dying Lawnmower Man NPC and a Segway Guy in his pijamas watching in horror. She finally gets in the elevator, where she gets lift even higher. There, is a cleaning foor, and she much push a bucket out of the way. Then, the rolls down some stairs, falling into a gap and landing on the counter, winning the level. A beat is played during the whole time.


  • Falling off the elevators or make it to the other side of the stairs will result in the following:
    • Falling off the first elevator and going to the shaft bottom, a picture of Effective Shopper with an exploded head will pop up, making a nasty crunching sound, seen on top-view.
    • Falling off the second elevator will make her land on the toilet's roof, breaking it and landing on the toilet.
    • Making across the stairs gap will show her rolling down for a moment, until a gore sound is hear, with a picture popping up showing her head spin 180 degrees, due to the fall. All the situations will stop the background song, with some "long drums" playing 3 times.
  • Poo is hanging from behind during the whole level, due to obvious reasons.

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