Ninja's House is a level by Bigbloodhead . It has rating over 4.49 and 2,900+ plays. It is an adventure level.
Ninja House.Scrn

The first screen.


You start in the dorms of the house and need to get out of it. As you go forwards you fall in the ground and a ninja will throw a sword on you if you don't press the button quick. After that, you climb up the stairs and deactivate the gear to unlock the main door. There's some ninja bombs that will go on you, skip them. And later another will fall, you will see a ninja kid that sells lemonade, and some meteors. A ninja with a sword that says "don't run!" will hit you if you go too fast and don't watch it.



  • The graphics outside the house are based off of the level Limbo,by IDeViL360.



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