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Nice Place v2.1 is a serious-made - obstacle course/Adventure level made by TheRealThing_76. It took 45 hours to make this level and currently has a rating of 3.97 / 5.00 with 30 votes and a 6,000 play count. The level was published on Friday July 25, 2014.


This level is well detailed and difficult. You start in a park, come across a small cabin, and you quickly must turn back. If you don't go back, you will get blown up and you must restart the level. Then, go forward, and a Moped Man NPC threatens to kill you, but then he blows up. You then enter a cave, and get onto a moving platform which you must press space in order to stay on. You then exit the cave, and a Wheelchair Guy NPC comes falling down holding a sword. You then make your way over a bench, and then you make your way over a spinning star-shaped block surrounded by spikes. You then fall thorough multiple glass panels and freeze-blocks.

You go forward, and you narrowly miss a battle-axe hanging above you. Your head will most likely hit it if you go fast. An elevator then brings you up, and a fan pushes you forward at the top. You then come across an Explorer Guy NPC who says "I will kill you... with my invisible TRAP!" You then must quickly turn back, go forward, and knock Explorer Guy into the hole behind him. You then enter the hole as well, the screen turns black, and you win the level.


  • The town in this level is named "Happyville", as seen in the beginning photo of the gallery.
  • Moped Man says "I kill u" instead of "I will kill you".
  • If you fail to stand on the platform, you can see the sky under the ground.
  • After you get past the star block, the pit is similar to Happy Wheels' "Glass Break" and "Freeze Fall" levels.

The sky under the ground in Happyville.


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