Here are the ten newest levels on the wiki.

The levels are counted newest to the oldest from top to bottom.

List or the newest levels of this wiki

Title     Link   URL # Author Release Date
The Pink Sass Play now! 9395023 the2000thecoolperson 11/28/16
STUNTMAN Play now! 9197135 DJThanos 7/29/16
Oww ShiSh! Play now! 9192559 DJThanos 7/26/16
Zombie Ambush - Pt.2 Play now! 9147962 DJThanos 7/3/16
Zombie Ambush - Pt.1 Play now! 9133305 DJThanos 6/30/16
CAT MARIO - STAGE 1 Play now! 7992538 Super cj1 22/6/15
Sniper Shooting 2 Play now! 7716439 stevensjohn708 5/10/15
Kokiri Forest HD N/A N/A Tayrone11 N/A
FIRED - A Happy Show Play now! 7918306 TheRealThing_76 6/2/15
Swing Course v2 Play now! 7407794 TheRealThing_76 1/13/15
Tactician Play now! 7911689 Jwibisono
Burger King Thief !! Play now! 7891294 LWPeterson 5/26/15
The Forest (HD) Play now! 7689687 LWPeterson 4/1/15
Gran Turismo 6 N/A N/A CrazyJohn N/A

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