Mother Trucker

One bad mother trucker.

Mother Trucker Demo is a level by Bobisdacool1 . It currently has over 440,000 plays and has a rating of 4.76 out of over 900 votes. The forced character is Lawnmower Man. It is currently in the top 15 highest rated levels of all time. It is a driving level.


You begin in a black tractor-trailer cab in front of a run down antiques store. You crash through a gas station, go up a hill, and into a construction site. Then, you go down another hill and crash through a fast-food restaurant, before arriving at the delivery entrance and triggering the victory.


  • This level was called a demo because it used the same track as another level that was not as popular, called School Bus Rampage. However, unlike most demo levels, this level is standalone.
  • There is a sequel to this level called Zombie Massacre, which was not as popular.
  • There are multiple errors in some of the signs, made to avoid copyrights (it was unknown to the author at the time that no company cared about that kind of thing). For instance, 7-Eleven became 7-Elevens, and McDonald's became McWobbly's with an upside down golden arches.

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