Moon Exploration, entrance to one of the caves

Moon Exploration is a map created by FutureBusMan. It stands at 4.5 stars with 249 votes and almost 203,000 plays.

About the level

Moon Exploration is an adventure map that takes place on the moon. There are multiple paths to explore and cool things to see (although not many).


  • The zero gravity effect was achieved by a simple propulsion technique similar to Newton's Third Law. There is a connected jet providing an amount of upward propulsion equal to the downward force of gravity. The weight balances out almost completely. To achieve this effect took a lot of weight modification tests.
  • The moon has gravity. In this level, it appears as if it does not. This was something the creator hasn't thought through when creating the map.
  • There will be a Moon Exploration Part 2 in a few months. This level will be twice as expansive.
  • If you take one of the upper paths, you can find Earth.

    Earth from the Moon, Moon Exploration