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Merry Christmas! is a holiday level by LWPeterson. It has 18,000 plays with a rating of 4.22 stars with 58 votes. it is LWPeterson's third most played and top rated level.


You start next to a few buildings, with a Salvation Army member in front of you. You knock over the Salvation Army member, go forward, pass over an open manhole. If you go in the open manhole, you will fall into a sewer pipe, and you will need to restart. If you go over the open manhole cover, you will pass a convenience store, you will be stopped, and an elf in front of you will say "Santa! This is all a dream! You must leave! Now!

The screen then turns back for a few seconds, and when the black screen lifts, everyone on the screen is dead and bleeding. As you go forward, you pass some destroyed buildings and more dead people. You start going into the sky, pass a few awkward things like a flying toilet, and multiple rotating red triangles. The slope gets steeper, then gets flatter. Once you reach the top, you fight the boss. The boss first launches himself at you, which you must avoid. Then he flies upward, and you must avoid a few extremely heavy and dense candy canes, then presents which you must avoid will come falling down, then they will fly back up. The boss then comes falling down, then the wall stopping you from proceeding will disappear. You then go forward, the screen will flash black, then you start going deeply downhill.

You reach the street again where you pass more buildings, knock over some people, and then you will reach the finish line and win the level.
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Going up to the boss.

Secret Finish

There is a secret finish in this level, but it is secret! So you must find it yourself or find it in a replay.


  • This level started being made a year before it was released, since LWPeterson couldn't finish it time of Christmas he finished it later that year and released it the next year.

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